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Welcome to small space of TipCal. Here is the TipCal space.
This space sends various kinds of useful information to have TipCal inflect.

The introduction of TipCal

icon TipCal is Tiny progressive Calculator.The style is a very simple numerical formula typing electronic calculator which the icon looks just like.
But it is not merely tiny. TipCal have perfect binary types analyze engine, and priority sequence of operator and non-limit parentheses in practical use perfectly. "The electric calculator all right for very number-crunching types" when easily say. Do not think that "Because this is free software, it may not work a great thing". Infinity memory in practical use. Frendly user interface. Consider that it uses with other applications together fully. This is full of utility and simple.

Flexible size

Main calculate window This is main window of TipCal. Look being little and brevity. It goes more little when makes font size small. If clear button clear button and memory button memory button are hid...
mini size
It become so small. Then will be hard to use it small to this size? On the other hand, become big electronic calculator when makes font large.
large size

Width of window, font, color is change freely, too. You can do as you like.

Perfect binary types analyze engine

Perfect binary types analyze engine

TipCal is numerical formula typing electronic calculator. To uses calculation of engineering too, It support priority sequence of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operators, non-limit parentheses in practical use perfectly. There are surplus '%', exponent '^' and factorial '!', compare '> < >= <=', logical product '&&', logical sum '||', and original of tax addition and subtraction other than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division too. Use "lexical analyzer", "binary tree types analyzer", "event matrix" and "recursive call" in technical parts. It named "Perfect binary types analyze engine". The basic of formula types procedure is put on some technical books and article of a magazine. But this engine has original technology. In short, Calculate completely without limitation. Otherwise TipCal is not said "numerical formula typing electronic calculator".
Dr. Units has really "Perfect binary types analyze engine" too. Calculates source value, converts source unit to base unit, and converts source unit to destination units. It calculate three times in a conversion. Unit can be defined by yourself, because it analyze formula types completely.

Calculation history showing always image

Calculation history showing always

In version 1.10, add feature of calculation history showing always with pull down style until now. Spread the height of TipCal window, then always show the calculation history. Types correction has became simultaneously possible with checking history.

Single-memory and multiple-memory

TipCal has two way memories. Single-memory to use easily, and mult-memory which use in engineering as variable. Introduce some usage.

single-memory menu Want use as simple electric calculator...

Single memory is recommendation. Single memory is used as memory button in electric calculator. Click memory button then popup memory menu.
Add, subtract, multiply, divide and clear memory in this menu. Show memory value at cursor on.
memory chip

Want a lot of memories in engineering calculation...

Let's make good use of multiple-memory. Multiple-memory is variable in program. Write memory name in calculation types. And calculated result can push memory directly too.

area = pi * r^2

edit multiple-memory This is fomula of calculate area of circle of radius r. Refer radius in memory name r, calculate area, and push into memory named area. pi is built-in value Pi 3.1415... r may be substituted beforehand as r = 5, or using input at calculation function, can input r at type as follow,

area = pi * ?r^2.

It is convenience as same types calculating. Calculation types and result can leave in history. It can omit trouble to input a calculation type into many times. And mult-memory has editing window.

Single-memory and multiple-memory can change any time. If change to multiple-memory mode again, multiple-meory memorize formar values. In single-memory mode, refering and substituting is able without editing. Let's use it. It is convenient.

TipCal built-in constants

Built-in constants BIC

In version 1.10, built-in constants can be customized. A lot of built-in constants goes inconvenient because the constants will be repeated with multiple-memory name. The other, the constant refered often want use as built-in constants. Constants table of TipCal are based on BIC specification, and user can choice and add constants. At first Tipcal can be used Pi and base of natural logarithm only, but by using BicEditor, Tipcal can be used many constants in mathematics in addtion of many foundamental physical constants in natural science, thermal flow dynamics and chemistry, electromagnetics, energy, and elementary particles.

Quick-in (menu)


In version 1.10, one more convenient feature is quick-in. TipCal need typing with keyboard because it is the numerical formula typing electronic calculator. Most of menu can operate with hot key. But combination of many key types can type a key by function key. In quick-in, assign any strings to functions keys F2 - F10 and Shift+function keys F2 - F10. The operations to enter numerical values, operators, parentheses, multiple memory names and functions become quick. And, the macro operations that as input area clearing, characters deleting, closing pair parentheses and so on become quick too. Pop up menu show the assignment of key in the function keys.
Quick-in has special key as follow.

Key Feature Key Feature
\b delete previously 1 charactor \d delete next 1 character
\n calculate \q clear input area
\x cut types and result \c copy types and result
\p paste types and value to input area \< move to previously one character
\> move to next one character \t move to top of input area
\y move to bottom of input area \- reverse plus/minus sign at current position
\a Change circular measure cyclic(Only F9 before 1,04 version) \) close pair parentheses before current position all.
\h copy history all \u top almost
\e aloway view exponential \i show quick-in edit window
\m show multple-memory window \f show function window
\s show setting window \~ exit TipCal
\\ enter backslash    

Please make use of following case. Usages are various. Plase make use very much, and reduce effort of typing keyboard.

Dynamic Mathematical Library DML1

DML connection Someone may be dissatisfaction so "This calculator can not use function, can it?". In fact, the greatest characteristic of TipCal is "TipCal can add function dynamic". In truth, TipCal is a calculator based on DML1 specification. DML is specification of interface between applications and mathematics libraries by abbreviation of Dynamic Mathematical Library. DML1 is the first specification of DML. Mathematical libraries can add to application, and same functions can use in many applications, so separate application and mathematical functions. Mean of 'p' of progresssive in TipCal is here. A detailed introduce of DML look here..
You can use types in function arguments with Perfect binary types analyze engine and DML.

angle = atan(y / sqrt(x^2+y^2)) ...... Calculate angle origin between point (x, y).

Some DML function has more than one argument. Each argument can type calculation types.

arean = npora(n, sqrt(area/pi)) ...... Calculate area of n-polygon touch internally of circle with area 'area'.

TipCal include square root function only. Other functions is DML external function.

Function help

Functions are so many, but there is not meaning if does not understand a usage. DML1 specification not only offer merely function but function help. So TipCal can show table of functions that you see what kind of function there is. And short usage of functions are shown. Still more, TipCal show DML help directly. In function help, usage of function, case of calculation error occurred, related functions are shown. Please make good use of a DML function fully.

function help

It is trivial but convenience.

TipCal has many convenience features like small values. These are trivial, but convenience for persons who calculate in engineering often.

Bugs information

Version 1.16(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC116-1 If use other language code on memory dialog, font of column title is incorrect. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.20

Version 1.15(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC115-1 In memory editing, memory name and memory valued are not visible because the background color was not changed from system color. Fixed
#TC115-2 If ther DML User function was modified, the bug at the terminating Tipcal was occured. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.16

Version 1.14(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC114-1 Even wrong form as "?5" is able to input for memory name in iput-at-calculation window. Fixed
#TC114-2 Iput-at-calculation window was occured at buttom of main window with pull-down history mode. Fixed
#TC114-3 Dialog size and part of strings showing wrong on English OS. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.15

Version 1.13(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC113-2 If the background color is set except system color, it does not apply to memory window, input window and function window. Fixed
#TC113-3 If the user function definition saving was canceled at the end of TipCal, TipCal end without saving the modified to file. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.14

Version 1.12(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC112-2 Correct interface to user difinition function library. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.13

Version 1.11(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC111-1 At all of clearing in multiple memory, tow memory rows has remained sometimes. Fixed
#TC111-2 At all of clearing in multiple memory, memory leak has occured. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.12

Version 1.10(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC110-1 0^x (x>0) was calculated 1, but 0 is right. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.11

Version 1.04(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC104-1 Fatal error has occurred in referring and continuing multiple memories. Fixed
#TC104-2 Height of the input area and history list become short and part of characters is lacked. Fixed
#TC104-3 When memory cells were moved with the key operations in memory edit window, the inconvenience that validity and invalidity of buttons were not updated on toolbar. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.10

Version 1.03(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC103-1 Restart by hide clear button and hide-show memory button, memory button is not shown by right. Fixed
#TC103-2 Double click memory name or memory value, but they are not copy into input area. Fixed
#TC103-3 Hint on edit and help button in memory window is not shown. Fixed
#TC103-4 Emtpy memory row can not delete which made with cut operation. Fixed
#TC103-5 If empty memory row exist, fatal error has occured in memory saving. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.04

Version 1.02(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC102-1 If same DML1 function DLL exist in application folder and Windows system folder, all functions show warning messages. Fixed
#TC102-2 Response of invalidate range of power operation may be inconvenience. Fixed
#TC102-3 There are some errors in tab order in setting dialog. Fixed
All bugs have fixed by the version 1.03

Version 1.01(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#TC101-1 Function dialog can not show help about it after function detail help has shown. Fixed
All bugs have fixed by the version 1.02

Bugs report

Write down the following item, and push a "Submit" button at the end.
Or, send E-mail in the following form to Start mailer with click, please.
Though it surely lets me give it, a reply may take about one week by the reason. Approve it.

1) Your name, E-Mail Address(Be sure to write it down.)

2) Environment: OS minor version:

3) TipCal version:

4) How to obtain TipCal:

4) Where problem occurred in
At start
Main operation window(calculation window)
Function window
Memory window
Quick-in window
Setting window
At terminate

5) Write down the concrete contents of the problem. when there is some mistake of calculated result, please write down a types.

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