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Welcome to my laboratory. Hesitation isn't needed. Sit down please.

Introduction of Dr.Units

icon I would like to thank you again for your kind invitation. I have international authority of "unit conversion engineering" to convert all units in the world at sight. In this world, various unit systems of SI, metric and inch are overflowing. I was born in 500 monme (Japanese local unit), however the weather report tells with pascal, and I play golf with yard, then I had trouble with a lot of units. So I aimed to save this world from this unit flooding hell, and worked hard at study in order to accomplish "unit conversion engineering." The collected study is this accessory "Dr.Units." I would like you make use of me.

Main operation window This is the main operation window.

Select unit group from "Length", "Area" and other, and select conversion source and target unit, and enter source value. Then source value is converted soon. It so simple.

You can input types strings in source value too. In other words, it has the function of the calculator, too. The calculation types completely supports priority sequence of operator and an unlimited parenthesis. The history of conversion is left. It is very convenient for the confirmation.

You can change view of menu, tool bar, status bar, and font. You can change that the unit group is indicated with one line or mult lines, and the unit conversion area is set at one line or two lines too. And you can resize window size, and width of unit value area and unit list. It is never troublesome to you when conversion value doesn't seem to go in the window.
In other words, it can be customized flexibly by the user's taste.

Incidentally, so little window can have it, too.
Minimum size

Quick-in (menu)


In version 1.21, one more convenient feature is quick-in. Dr.Units needs typing with keyboard because it is the unit converter. Most of menu can operate with hot key. But combination of many key types can type a key by function key. In quick-in, assign any strings to functions keys F2 - F10 and Shift+function keys F2 - F10. The operations to enter numerical values, operators, parentheses, constants and functions become quick. And, the macro operations that as conversion area clearing, characters deleting, closing pair parentheses and so on become quick too. Pop up menu show the assignment of key in the function keys.
Quick-in has special key as follow.

Key Feature Key Feature
\b delete previously 1 charactor \d delete next 1 character
\n calculate \q clear input area
\x cut types and result \c copy types and result
\v paste types and value to input area \< move to previously one character
\> move to next one character \t move to top of input area
\y move to bottom of input area \- reverse plus/minus sign at current position
\a change circular measure cyclic \) close pair parentheses before current position all
\h copy history all \g exchange values in two conversoin areas
\u show Dr.Units always show before other applications \e view value with exponential by all means
\i show quick-in editing window \o show constants window
\f show function window \s show setting window
\r[=[ggg/nnn]] show search window or execute finding unit \z show unit definition editing window
\~ exit Dr.Units \\ input backslash;

Please make use of following case. Usages are various. Plase make use very much, and reduce effort of typing keyboard.

Search unit

Search Unit

In the version 1.21, convenience new feature is the unit searching. Search target unit from a lot of units quickly. When the Quick-in is combined, the target unit can be found with one key only.

DML connection

Dynamic Mathematical Library DML1

In the version 1.11, I have got DML1 specification. I can as many use functions with DML1 add-in. I can function in not only conversion source but conversion types. In this world, there are some units needs function in conversion types. You know that, unit convert both grade of slope[%] and angle need tangent function. There are some conversion types needs logarithm functions in field of energy. I can calculate types with squre root function without DML1 function add-in already.
Because I have the shareware fare of 1,200 yen. I need technology in its own way to be able to say that can "convert every unit." I must be kind to you, too. When I was young, I had difficulty. So, I don't want to make the same trouble the people as you. I put such feeling, and made this accessory. You really want it to make use of it.

Dr.Units Built-in Constants

Built-in Constants BIC

In the version 1.21, the built-in constants can be customized. Because Dr.Units is based on the BIC specification, the built-in constants can be selected and added by user. Not only use Pi (the circular constant), e(base of natural logarithm) and gacc(standard acceleration of gravity) in initial, but many constants in field of mathematics, natural science, thermal flow dynamics, chemistry, electromagnetics, energy, and elementary particles when use BicEditor.

Unit Definition

Well, the great thing doesn't occur here. The biggest characteristics of these accessories are that a unit can be defined by yourself.

Aside from the program, Dr.Units has the unit conversion table. The unit group, unit name, unit conversion types, and so on are defined in the unit conversion table. Definition is easy on the exclusive editing window.

Unit definition window The unit conversion types are described easy types. The mere conversion types to multiply it like temperature only and which can't define can define easily, too. Of course it can be confirmed.

You must have said experience as "Oh! There is not only this though much unit conversion can be done like this!". These accessories show the power at such time.

User is fully thinking, too. It becomes inconvenient when you choose the unit group and unit when you define a unit very much. So, you can do the thing of "Though you define, you don't indicate it.". Moreover, you can protect it independently in the unit table, the unit group, the unit to mistake important unit definition to and not to delete it.

It is equipped with the replacement as well to collect, copy and cut the units.

Unit Conversion Complete Works So, I have collected result of study in one book with unit definition. This is "The unit conversion complete works." It is hard to get the book. I can answer with this book to the questions which worry you at sight. You can add new units and proofread the units in this complete works. I become forgetful for old age, and can not convert units so much if I do not have the complete works. So, please register me shareware. In the term of shareware trial, accessory can not read and write the unit complete works. But, if you have done shareware registration, you can use me enough. Thank you for your cooperation. "

Bugs information

Version 1.23(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#DU123-1 If ther DML User function was modified, the bug at the terminating Dr.Units is occured. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.24

Version 1.22(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#DU122-1 If the background color is set except system color, it does not apply to constant window and function window. Fixed
#DU122-2 If the 'Cancel' button was selected in case of the user definition function was modified, Dr.Units was finished without the modification is not save to file. Fixed
#DU122-3 In the function window, the hot key of group adding popup menu does not work. Fixed
#DU122-4 In the function window, the confirmation messages to delete or cut the unit group or unit was display incorrectly. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.23

Version 1.21(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#DU121-1 Correct interface to user definition function library. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.22

Version 1.12(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#DU112-1 0^x (x>0) was calculated 1, but 0 is right. Fixed
#DU112-2 Input area and units list may be chipped at Dr.Units executed. Fixed
#DU112-3 any one-point helps are not showing. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.21

Version 1.01(English and Janaese version)
Number Bug Support
#DU101-1 If types include '[' or ']', can not read conversion types from file just. Fixed.
#DU101-2 Can not entry ';' and '~', but paste it. Fixed.
#DU101-3 If hide and protect check has focus, copy and cut target is not clear. Fixed.
#DU101-4 English font is not set just (only Japanese version). Fixed.
#DU101-5 Some font name is duplicate in font list. Fixed.
#DU101-6 Response of invalidate range of power operation may be inconvenience. Fixed.
#DU101-7 Generate new unt conversion table and exit without save to file, 'Can not open untitled' message has appear at restart. Fixed.
#DU101-8 Some hot keys in user registration window do not work. Fixed.

All bugs have fixed in the version 1.11

Version 1.00(English and Janaese version)
Number Bug Support
#DU100-1 PI(Built-in value name 'pi') was 3.141592653587973238462643. About 5.8e-13 error has occured in Angle 4 units, Angular velocity 'rad/s', Magnetic field density 'Oe', Brightness 'asb'. 3.141592653589793238462643 is right. Fixed.
#DU100-2 Built-in fixed values pi(PI), e(Base of natural logarithm), gamma(Gamma constant), gacc(Acceleration of gravity) can not use in source types. Fixed.
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.01

Bugs report

Write down the following item, and push a "Submit" button at the end.
Or, send E-mail in the following form to Start mailer with click, please
Though it surely lets me give it, a reply may take about one week by the reason. Approve it.

Bugs report of Unit Conversion Complete Works send in here.

1) Your name, E-Mail Address(Be sure to write it down.)

2) Environment: OS minor version:

3) Dr.Units Version:

4) How to obtain Dr.Units:

5) Kind of unit conversion table:

6) How to obtain a unit conversion table:
User edited

7) Complete works version(please read 'allunits.txt')

8) Whear problem occurred in
At start
Main operation window(unit conversion window)
Edit Quick-in window
Functions window
Constants window
Unit search window
Setting window
Unit definition window
At terminate
Built-in conversion types

9) Write down the concrete contents of the problem. when there is some mistake of fomula in built-in table or complete works, please write down a conversion source value or types and conveted value.

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