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Dynamic Mathematical Library DML1

DML connect DML is an initial of Dynamic Mathematical Library. DML is specification of interface between applications and mathematics libraries by abbreviation of Dynamic Mathematical Library. DML1 is the first specification of DML. Mathematical libraries can add to application, and same functions can use in many applications, so separate application and mathematical functions.

DML1 specification not only offer merely function but function help. If there are many functions but there is not meaning if does not understand a usage. In function help, usage of function, case of calculation error occurred, related functions are shown.

DML does not use standalone. DML function is used with application that satisfied DML1 specification. The applications that was based on BIC specification on June 30, 2001 are as follows.
TipCalTiny Progressive Calculator ... TipCal version 1.20 or later Free software
Very simple numerical formula typing electronic calculator progresses to scientific calculator. TipCal supports very number-crunching types with basic operators, original operators, non-limit parentheses in practical use perfectly.

Dr. UnitsEngineering Unit Conversion Doctor ... Dr. Units version 1.30 or later Share ware
Dr. Units is a accessory to convert every unit into mutually. Can describe types with functions in conversion types and conversion source. Dr. Units divides a unit table with a program, you can use the unit conversion complete works.

Basic Mathematical library DMBasic

icon DMBasic is included 63 functions of sign, trigonometric, hyperbolic, root, round, exp. and log., random, angle conversion and equation functions.

Sign functions (2 functions) Absolute abs(), Sign sign()
Trigonometric functions(12 functions) Sine sin(), Cosine cos(), Tangent tan(), Arcsine asin(), Arccosine acos(), Arctangent atan(), Cosecant csc(), Secant sec(), Cotangent cot(), Arccosecant acsc(), Arcsecant asec(), Arccotangent acot()
Hyperbolic functions (12 functions) Hyperbolic Sine sinh(), Hyperbolic Cosine cosh(), Hyperbolic Tangent tanh(), Hyperbolic Arcsine asinh(), Hyperbolic Arccosine acosh(), Hyperbolic Arctangent atanh(), Hyperbolic Cosecant csch(), Hyperbolic Secant sech(), Hyperbolic Cotangent coth(), Hyperbolic Arccosecant acsch(), Hyperbolic Arcsecant asech(), Hyperbolic Arccotangent acoth()
Root functions (2 functions) Square Root sqrt(), Cubic Root cbrt()
Round functions (4 functions) Drop Under floor(), Integer int(), Raise Up ceil(), Round Off round()
Exponent and logarithm functions (3 functions) Exponent exp(), Natural Logarithm log(), Common Logarithm log10()
Random functions (1 function) Generate Pseudor Random random()
Angle unit conversion functions (12 functions) Default Degrees deftod(), Default Grade deftog(), Default Radian deftor(), Degrees Grade dtog(), Degrees Radian dtor(), Degrees Default dtodef(), Grade Degrees gtod(), Grade Radian gtor(), Grade Default gtodef(), Radian Degrees rtod(), Radian Grade rtog(), Radian Default rtodef()
Equation functions(2 function) Quadratic Equation eq2(), Cubic Equation eq3()
Statistics functions (9 functions) Maximu max(), Absolute Maximum amax(), Minimum min(), Absolute Minimum min(), Sum Total sum(), Sum Total Of Square sum2(), Average ave(), Variation var(), Standard Deviation sd()
Combination functions(4 function) Number Of Permutation npr(), Number Of Combination ncr(), Greatest Common Divisor gcd(), Lowest Common Multiple lcm()

You can download online help of usage (english). Download 41,574 Byte(Online help is license free)

DMBasic is shareware. A trial time limit is not arranged, but there is only 5 times of function calculation in one time of activation in a term of trial.

User Definition Function library DMUser

icon User Definition library can be defined computing types by user. DMUser has following characteristics,

User Function Definition windo
However, DMUser has the following limitation, DMUser is the share ware. This share ware has no trial time limit, one times of calculation can be used in one time of activation in the term of trial. User Definition has no limitation.

Bugs information

Basic Mathematical Library DMBasic

Version 1.30(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BS130-1 The message which is displayed when a registered license lapsed included an error. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.31

Version 1.22(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BS122-1 Calculation accuracy of the cubic root cbrt function was short with around 16 columns. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.30

Version 1.21(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BS121-1 The comment of angle conversion from current to degree, grade, and radian are incorrect. Fixed
#BS121-2 The comment of permutation function npr was 'ncr(n, r)'. Fixed
#BS121-3 In combination function ncr, the message at the long calculating time needed is "Caluclate". Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.22

Version 1.20(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BS120-1 If argument is nearby zero, the exception error has occured in Sine sin, Cosine cos, Tangent tan, Cotangent cot functions. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.21

Version 1.10(English and Janaese version)
Number Bug Support
#BS110-1 Fatal error has occured in hyperbolic arcsine function (asinh) with a big negative value. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.11

DML Registory cleaner

Version 1.02(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#CL102-1 In the case of no DML registered, the error has occred at the terminating DML Registory Cleaner. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.03

Version 1.01(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#CL101-1 Correct the bugs in the dialog size and part of strings showing. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.02

Version 1.00(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#CL100-1 Correct some words in the window. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.01

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