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In this library, precent you many useful information to have BIC Built-in Constant table inflect.
It is necessary information to use constant value with computing bound accessories.

Built-In-Constant BIC

BIC specification BIC is abbreviation of Built-In-Constant. BIC is a spcecification that unite built-in constants in DDT calcuation accessories. There are a lot of constants using calcuation like pi, base of natural logarithm, and many physics constants. Constants to require by a user using calculation accessories are various. Want to distribute a constant by accessories in a the same user. So, summarize a constant in one document, and distribute it at need. It is BIC specification.

BIC presents constant table file. The applications that was based on BIC specification on June 30, 2001 are as follows.
TipCalTiny Progressive Calculator ... TipCal version 1.20 Free software
Very simple numerical formula typing electronic calculator progresses to scientific calculator. TipCal supports very number-crunching types with basic operators, original operators, non-limit parentheses in practical use perfectly.

Dr. UnitsEngineering Unit Conversion Doctor ... Dr. Units version 1.30 Share ware
Dr. Units is a accessory to convert every unit into mutually. Can describe types with functions in conversion types and conversion source. Dr. Units divides a unit table with a program, you can use the unit conversion complete works.


Now, the constant that plans on registration as follows.

Group Name Value Comment
Mathematics pi 3.14159265358979... Pi
e 2.71828182845905... Base of natural logarithm
gamma 0.577215664901533... Gamma constant
Natural science gacc 9.80665 Acceleration of gravity [m/s2]
Pstd 101325 Standard atmospheric pressure [Pa]
atrop 31556925.4447 Tropical years [s](in the 21th century)
au 1.4959787e+11 Astronomical unit [m]
T0 -273.15 Absolute zero [celsius]
Ttr 273.16 Water triple point [K]
c 299792458 Light speed in the vacuum [m/s2]
g 6.67259e-11 Universal graviation constant [N*m2/kg2]
Thermal flow dynamics, chemistry h 6.6260755e-34 Planck constant [J*s]
k 1.380658e-23 Boltzman constant [J/K]
Na 6.0221367e+23 Avogadro constant [1/mol]
F 96485.31 Faraday constant [C/mol]
R 8.31451 Gas constant [J/(mol*K)]
V0 0.0224141 Molar volume [m3/mol]
Electromagnetics uB 9.274015e-24 Bohr magneton [J/T]
u0 1.25663706143592e-6 Magnetic permeability in the vacuum [H/m]
e0 8.85418781762039e-12 Dielectric constant in the vacuum [F/m]
Energy e 1.60217733e-19 Elementary charge [C]
mec2 8.1871112e-14 Electron rest energy [J]
Elementary particles amu 1.6605402e-27 Atomic mass unit [kg]
amuc 1.66026e-27 Chemical atomic mass unit [kg]
amup 1.65981e-27 Physical atomic mass unit [kg]
me 9.1093897e-31 Electron rest mass [kg]
mp 1.6726231e-27 Proton rest mass [kg]
mn 1.6749286e-27 Neutron rest mass [kg]
mm 1.8835327e-28 Muon rest mass [kg]
md 3.343586e-27 Deuteron rest mass [kg]


Icon The multi-memory in TipCal define by memory name. If you store value to memory, it is inconvenience with much memory which does not use. Then constants can exclude from table without deleting in constant table. Call it 'stock'. Use exclusive editor BicEditor to edit constant table.

BicEditor window

The left is stock constants, and the right is built-in. User can add original constant.

In this editor,
The constant table and BicEditor are license free.

Bugs information


Version 1.01(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BE101-1 Immediately after generated new constant table, menu and tool button of add operation is no update. If these are operated, fatal error will be occured. Fixed
#BE101-2 Correct the bugs in the dialog size and part of strings showing. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.02

Version 1.00(English and Janaese version)

Number Bug Support
#BE100-1 Correct some words in the window. Fixed
All bugs have fixed in the version 1.01

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