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Consultancy for Technology Oriented Business to Japan
Kobe International Technologies Corp.

Firm Overview
Kobe International Technologies (KIT) is a consulting firm that opened doors in 2003 and assists corporate management and marketing executives profitable and sustainable growth. KIT provides with experienced strategic assistance in technology transfer resulting in the creation of successful new businesses with great potential in Japan.

KIT Provides Knowledge Management
Back-Ground of Services;

Dr. Akihiko Hogetsu qualified Professional Engineer, is Founder and President of KIT. He served as an Executive Officer and Director of Kobelco Eco Solution. A subsidiary of Kobe Steel, Kobelco Eco Solution, is famous in Japan for applying innovative technical solutions to environmental and industrial challenges. Through his career at KES, which included posts as Head of the Environmental System Division and the Technology Research Center, he played a key role in guiding KES's technology and business development and was directly responsible for many of its successes.

Selected Professional Successes

If you have any specific enquiries or questions, please send an email to the following address and KIT will be happy to help you.

Attention: Dr. A. Hogetsu, P.E.
Kobe International Technologies Corp.
4-2-1 Kimikage-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe 651-1122, Japan
Tel: +81 78 591 6989 Mobile phone: +81 90 6905 8538

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