Fiddler's Dream
Benton Flippen and the Smokey Valley Boys

 1. Soldier's Joy 
 2. Sall Away Ladies 
 3. Fiddler's Reel 
 4. Close By
 5. Reuben's Train  
 6. Texas Breakdown   
 7. Fiddler's Dream 
 8. Ragtime Annie   
 9. Tomahawk  
 10. Fourtune   
 11. Whistlin' Rufus   
 12. Chinese Breakdown    
 13. Haven't Seen Mary In Years 
 14. Old Joe Clark Reel   
 15. Polly Put the Kettle On  
 16. This and That  
 17. Cricket on the Hearth  
 18. Cacklin' Hen    
 19. Liberty   
 20. Ston'e Rag 
 21. Susanna Gal   
 22. Sweet Marie  
 23. Peacock Rag 
 24. Breaking up Christmas 


The Brandywine Mountain Music Convention
A Twenty Year Legacy of Old Time Music

 1974 - The First Annual - The Galax, Virginia Sound
1.Step Back Cindy - Kyle Creed and Fred Cockerham  (listen)
2.Wind and Rain - Kilby Snow
3.Undone In Sorrow - Ola Belle Reed 

 1975 - Traditional Music Of West Virginia
4.Battle Of Shiloh Hill - Dave Morris
5.Cluck Ole Hen - Ira Mullins
6.George Booker - Highwoods String Band

 1976 - The Music of Kentucky
7.Hawkins Rag - The New Lost City Ramblers
8.Little Birdie - Roscoe Holcomb
9.Church In The Wildwood - The A.L. Phipps Family

 1977 - The Music Of French America
10.Happy Acres Two Step - Simon St. Pierre
11.Clay Portelle - Joe Politte
12.You Had Some, But You Ain't Gettin' No More - The Balfa Brothers

 1978 - The Music Of North Carolina
13.Sourwood Mountain - Tommy Jarrell
14.Cricket On The Hearth - Smokey Valley Boys (listen)

 1979 - Early Country Music Radio
15.Faded Coat Of Blue - Julia Mainer
16.Big Eyed Rabbit - Wade Mainer 
17.Give Mother My Crown - Bailes Brothers

 1980 - The Women Of Old Time Music
18.Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow - Lily May Ledford
19.Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down - Rose Maddox
20.Why Don't You Pray For Me - Elizabeth Cotten

 1981 - The Music Of Tennessee
21.Bye Bye Blues - Virgil Anderson
22.Brown's Dream - Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

 1982 - Georgia Fiddle Bands
23.Hell Broke Loose In Georgia - Lowe Stokes

 1983 - The 10th Anniversary Celebration 
24.Lost Train Blues - Ralph Blizard
25.Walkin In My Sleep - J.P and Annadeene Fraley

 1984 - Music Of The Ozarks
26.Wink The Other Eye - Art Galbraith
27.New Vita-Mine - Grandpa Jones

 1985 - Texas Music
28.Sally Goodin - Junior Daugherty
29.Conateches - Mariachi America
30.Texas Playboy Medley - Bob Wills Band 



Known for their Reputation
Hoover Uprights

1.Rip Van Winkle  
2.In Come a Little Bee/Stumptailed Dolly  
3.Lazy Kate (listen) 
4.Sally Ann  
5.Give Me Back My 15 Cents (listen)  
6.Paddy on the Turnpike
7.Rye Straw  
8.Ozark Waltz  
9.Purcell's Reel  
10.The Wolf is at the Door  
11.Old Melinda  
12.Texas Quickstep 
13.Wild Goose Chase  
14.Ida Red  
15.Irish Reel   
16.Grey Eagle   
17.Devil Ate the Groundhog 
18.Nothing Goes Hard   
19.Vincent Crawford's Tune/Richmond_Cotillion
20.Wild Hog in the Woods   



Patchwork Kimono
Stanly County Boys

 1. Cherokee Shuffle (listen) 
 2. Raleigh and Spencer 
 3. Road to Westfield/dull Chisel
 4. Soldier's Joy 
 5. Do Round My Lindy 
 6. Roustabout 
 7. Going Across the Country 
 8. Lonesome Road Blues 
 9. One Morning in May 
 10. Possum Up a Simmon Tree 
 11. Old Beatty's Ford Road 
 12. Cleveland Is Elected (listen) 
 13. Tempie 
 14. Old Joe Clark  
 15. Cluck Old Hen 
 16. Ducks On the Millpond  
 17. Frank Reed Tune  
 18. Western Country    



aki solo
aki uchida

01 callahan
02 young dan tucker
03 pigeon on the gate
04 ducks on the pond
05 cotton-eyed joe (listen)
06 walking the water
07 uncle henry
08 chinquapin 
09 lost girl 
10 vance no more
11 sugar hill
12 boatsman
13 hickory jack
14 martha campbell
15 highlander's farewell (listen)
16 patty on the turnpike
17 possum's tail is bare
18 paddy on the turnpike
19 old coon bunch
20 ducks in the millpond



spring session
nori,aki & yoshi

01 rachel  (listen)
02 georgia row
03 cousin sally brown 
04 bacon rind 
05 flatfoot in the ashes
06 shanghai rooster
07 nancy blevins
08 walk old shoe 
09 old aunt jenny 
10 belle of lexington
11 shippensport
12 rachel(texas quickstep)
13 speed the plow
14 devil in the woodpile
15 rabbit
16 shove the pig's foot
17 tempie
18 eadle alley
19 stranger on a mule
20 devilish mary


aki old-time 3枚目のCD!
 1枚目 50x50=25.00" もあります。

It's About Time
John Hoffman & Mac Benford

1.Gone Indian 
2.Old Hen She Cackled  (listen)
3.Be Kind to a Man While He's Down  
4.Brushy Fork of John's Creek 
5.Henry Reed Medley 
6.Sweet Sunny South 
7.The Cuckoo's Nest
8.Bachelor's Hall  
9.Norman Edmonds Medley   
10.The Wabash Cannonball
11.Rolling Mills Are Burning Down 
12.Bob Wine's Tune 
13.Walk Along John  
14.Three Forks of Cheat 
15.Don't Drink Nothin' But Corn 
17.Far in the Mountains 
18.The Sailor Boy  
19.Getting Upstairs  
20.Mistreated Mama Blues 
21.Mike in the Wilderness  
22.Eighth of January 


The Road to Agate Hill
Alice Gerrard, Gail Gillespie & Sharon Sandomirsky

1.Molly and the Traveling Man
2.Greasy Meat  
3.Kicking Mule  (listen)
4.Shady Grove  
5.Brown's Dream  
6.I Walked that Pretty Girl Home 
7.Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child 
8.Bob Taylor's March   
9.June Apple  
10.Drunkard's Dream 
11.Feather Bed   
12.Devil in the Straw Stack 
13.Fly Around  
14.Wild Hog in the Woods  
15.Fanny Hill  
16.Meadows of Dan 
17.Rabbit Up a Gum Stump  
18.Bonaparte Crossing the New River  
19.Coal Creek Waltz 
20.Agate Hill 



Pretty Crowin' Chicken
The Rhythm Rats

1.Indian War Whoop (listen)
2.In the Pines 
3.Lost Indian 
4.The Titanic  
5.Russian Rabbit 
6.Little Boy Working on the Road 
7.Willow Garden 
8.Flowers of Edinburg  
9.Speed of the Plow  
10.Boll Weevil/Dry and Dusty 
11.Shortenin' Bread  
12.Willie Moore 
13.Yelling in the Shoats 
14.Goin' Up to Hamburg 
15.Darling Nellie Grey
16.Lost Indian 
18.Pretty Crowin' Chicken 


Mac Traynham
I'm Going That Way

 1 French Waltz  (listen)
 2 Greasy Meat    
 3 Take Me In Your Lifeboat    
 4 Half-Shaved 'Yuppie'    
 5 New Jordan    
 6 Pretty Crowing Chicken    
 7 Pretty Little Indian    
 8 Sally Long    
 9 Lost Gal (In the Flatwoods)    
 10 Man of Constant Sorrow    
 11 My Old Cottage Home    
 12 Sally Cuttin' Through the Rye    
 13 Jimalong    
 14 Sandy River    
 15 I Love My Savior Too    
 16 Pretty Saro    
 17 Yellow Cat    
 18 Indian and the Woodchuck    
 19 Walls of Jericho    
 20 You'll Never Miss Your Mama Till She's Gone    
 21 Old Cotton-Eyed Joe    
 22 Deam of the Miner's Child    
 23 Singing Birds    
 24 Old Corn Licker    
 25 Warfare    
 26 I'm Going That Way 



The Hushpuppies

1- Cotton Eyed Joe (listen)
2- Lonesome Pine Special 
(Sara Carter/Peer Int. Corp., BMI) 
3- Likes Likker Better Than Me 
4- Sweet Summer Has Gone Away 
5- Maid of Monterey 
6- Don’t That Road Look Rough & Rocky 
(Flatt & Scruggs/Peer Int. Corp., BMI) 
7- A Message From Home Sweet Home 
8- Croquet Habit 
9- Branded Wherever I Go 
(Roy Acuff/Acuff-Rose Music Inc. BMI) 
10- New Charleston 
11- Single Girl 
12- Fancy Nancy/Hickman’s Rag 
13- Life’s Railway to Heaven 
14- Wait Till the Clouds Roll By 
(Uncle Dave Macon/Jaymore Music Pub.) 
15- Shoo Fly 
16- Flying Cloud 




spring sessionnori,aki & yoshi
It's About TimeJohn Hoffman & Mac Benford
Pretty Crowin' ChickenThe Rhythm Rats
Known for their ReputationHoover Uprights
The Rest is Yet to ComeDouble Decker Stringband
The Road to Agate HillAlice Gerrard, Gail Gillespie & Sharon Sandomirsky
The Brandywine Mountain Music Convention Various artists
SHOUT LULU The Rockinghams
Take Me As I AmBruce Molsky And Bob Carlin
Patchwork KimonoStanly County Boys
Fiddler's DreamBenton Flippen and the Smokey Valley Boys
Turkey in the MountainMac Traynham & Shay Garriock
I'm Going That WayMac Traynham
The HushpuppiesThe Hushpuppies
Homestead on the Farm!The Hushpuppies

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