Information of Toyono branch

Our dojo(gym) which is surrounded by nature, is in the northern Osaka.

The Toyono branch was founded ten years ago.

This Dojo originally started with five students, but now there are more than sixty members.

Both young children and adult members have been actively training.

                   Instructor : here               Affiliated Dojyos : Sho-Ho-KanRyo-Yu-Kan

Training location, Day of the week, Time

     Gymnasium of Higashi Tokiwadai Elementary School
                                                  Saturday : am 07:30~am 09:30
                   ( Beginners Class ) Saturday : am 09:45~am 11:00
                                                  Sunday :   am 07:30~am 09:30

      Gymnasium of Kofudai Elementary School
                                                  Wednesday : pm 07:00~pm 08:30

We will support family to join us. Admission experience, the tour is available at any time.
(Caution:Introductory membership is three months is the limit)

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