<HTML> <P ALIGN="center"><FONT SIZE=5><B>Welcome to ICC HP</B><?FONT> </P> <P ALIGN="center"><BK> <A HREF="http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~icc-office/shosoin.html"><IMG SRC="image/shosoin.jpg" WIDTH="364" HEIGHT="143"></A></A> <BODY> <H1 ALIGN="left"> <P> <FONT SIZE=5>ICC (International Consultative Committee for Condensed Matter Photo-Physics ) has been set up.</P> <P> Our aim is to promote Condensed Matter Photo-Physics (CAMP). </P> <P> We welcome everybody who wishes to leave his/her address on our mailing list.</P> <P> ICC consists of three professors, Tadashi Itoh, Atsuo Matsui (chairman), Piotr Petelenz and secretary Dr. Yoshitaka Oeda.</P> <FONT SIZE=5> <B><Font SIZE=5> ICC has been supported by <OL> <LI>Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (throuth Hiroyuki Mizuno) <LI>EXCON'04 Office <LI> EXCON'08 Office <LI> Organo-Optic Research Lab. <LI> Spectra-Physics <A HREF="http://spectra-physics.jp"><IMG SRC="image/sppp-n.jpg" WIDTH=253.5 HEIGHT=22.5> </A></P> <FONT SIZE=5> <H1 ALIGN="left"> <A HREF="http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~icc-office/ss.html">Spectra-Physics Prize</A></FONT></PRE> </P> <A HREF="http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~icc-office/Exhibition.html">Exhibition</A></FONT></PRE> </P> <B><A HREF="http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~icc-office/contact.html"> <FONT COLOR=TOMATO>contact:</FONT></A></B></FONT><P> <FONT SIZE=5> <H1 ALIGN="left"> ICC promotes International Conference on Condensed Matter Photo-Physics<A HREF="http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~icc-office/iCAMP'20.html"> (iCAMP'20) </A>which is planned to be held in 2020.</FONT></P> <FONT SIZE=5> <H1 ALIGN="left"> <H1 ALIGN="right"> <FONT SIZE=3> <PRE> Revised Aug. 14, 2018 Revised July 18, 2018 Revised July 17, 2018 Revised July 13, 2018 Revised July 1, 2018 Revised May 1, 2018 Revised April 9, 2018 Revised March 24, 2018 revised March 4, 2018 Revised Feb. 17, 2018 Revised Feb. 1, 2018 Revised Jan. 14, 2018 Revised Jan. 11, 2018 Revised Sept. 23, 2017 Revised Jan. 1, 2016 Revised Dec. 12, 2015 All rights reserved </PRE> </FONT> </H1> </BODY> </HTML>