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ICC (International Consultative Committee for Condensed Matter Photo-Science ) has been set up.

Our aims is to promote Condensed Matter Photo-Science (CAMP).

We welcome everybody who wishes to leave his/her address on our mailing list.

ICC consists of three former EXCON chairmen, Tadashi Itoh, Atsuo Matsui (ICC Chairman) and Piotr Petelenz.

ICC is officially supported by Spectra・Physics

Spectra-Physics Prize is established for an outstanding exciton researcher.

ICC has also been supported by

(1) Companies and Individual.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (throuth Hiroyuki Mizuno)

Mitsubishi Electric Co. (through Ichiro Taniguchi)

Ushio Ltd. (though Shiro Sugata)

Horiba Ltd. (through Atsushi Horiba)

Kei-ichiro Nasu (Professor Emeritus)

(2) EXCON'04 Office

(3) EXCON'08 Office

(4) Organo-Optic Research Lab.


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