EXCON'96 was held at Kurort Gohrisch, Germany August 14-17, 1996.

The Gohrisch region is famous for its rock climbing opportunities.

EXCON’04 was held in Cracow, Poland July 6-9, 2004

The city of Cracow (Kraków), situated on the River Vistula, is the former capital of Poland. Its name is derived from the name of its legendary ruler Krak. The rulers’ (later kings’) castle is located on the Wawel Hill, overlooking the Vistula embankment where a fire-spitting dragon’s statue (shown below) is located. The statue commemorates a local legend.

According to the legend, in the olden times the cave in Wawel Hill was inhabited by a dragon which was pestering the local populace by devouring their cattle and sheep; occasionally people. This was ultimately stopped by a shoemaker’s boy, who (counting on the beast’s igniting power) stuffed a sheepskin with sulfur and left it for the monster to engorge, which the latter did. Then, to quell the fire in his belly, the monster drank half of the River Vistula and burst, ridding the burghers of the calamity.

EXCON'06 was held at Wake Forest Univ. Winston-Salem, NC, USA 26-30, June 2006.

Demon-Deacons in the logo is the name of Wake Forest University sport teams, who at the time of the conference were achieving dazzling results. The logo of EXCON'06 depicts their cheerleader mascot.

The Wake Forest University was founded by the North Carolina Baptists in 1834. Deacons are the lay church leaders in a protestant church such as the Baptists, hence the adoption of that term to describe sports teams.

EXCON'08 Kyoto, 22-27 June, 2008

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