ちづりんのBaby Janeです
Baby Jane Quilt Maker Ring


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--- My Baby Jane Quilt ---
Happy Cotton Topへ
--- じゅんさん主催の企画、Baby Jane Quilt Makersに参加しています ---
ネットサーフィンをしていたある日、「Dear Jane Quilt」のことを知りました。



「Dear Jane Quilt」を母としてその子供のキルト、すなわちBaby Jane Quiltを私も作ることにしました。


私はAround the World Quilt のようにセンターから広がっていくような色使いで作っていこうと思います。


Civil War 復刻柄のようなシックな感じに憧れますが、実際はどんな風になっていくでしょうか???


★2010.10.26 センターブロックの169枚すべてを縫い終わりました。

◆ 制作日記 ◆


★169 blocks, 2 triangles, 0 corners and 3732 pieces★   2010.11.1→TR2

LS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 RS
A A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry A-2 One-Two Buckle My Shoe A-3 Hunter's Moon A-4 Courtney's Stethoscope A-5 Cathie's Campfire A-6 Uncle Homer A-7 Dad's Plaids A-8 Florence Nightingale A-9 Cabin Fever A-10 Which Points West? A-11 Pebble's Protest A-12 Framed Fancy A-13 Starlight-Starbright
B B-1 Batchelor Buttons B-2 Sweet Tater Pie B-3 Mirror Image B-4 Chris's Soccer Field B-5 Hot Cross Buns B-6 Wild Goose Chase B-7 World Series B-8 Water Lily B-9 Tinker Toy B-10 Jud's Trophy B-11 Melissa's Cross B-12 Star flower B-13 Four Corner Press
C C-1 Trooper Green's Badge C-2 Stereak of Lightning C-3 Rayelle's Fence C-4 TicTac Toe C-5 Eye of the Cyclone C-6 Ashley's Aura C-7 Megan's Mountain Laurel C-8 Hani's Crown C-9 Jane's Tears C-10 Patriot's Lantern C-11 Soldiers and Sailors Monument C-12 Family Reunion C-13 Lakota Sioux
D D-1 Alison's Guiding Light D-2 Mouse in a Mirror D-3 Jason's Jacks D-5 Cathedral Window D-6 Challenge D-7 Meeting Place D-8 Dee Dee's Delight D-9 Uncle Richard D-10 Battlefield D-11 Snow Crystal D-12 Crossed Swords D-13 Field of Dreams
E E-1 Aunt Exie's Phlox E-2 Merry May E-3 Paddle Wheels E-4 Buffalo Tree Hopper E-5 Rising Sun E-6 Michelle’s Medley E-7 Bread Basket E-8 Mama's Maze E-9 Quilt Jail E-10 Five & Dime E-11 Wagon Wheel E-12 Mary Ruth's Corset E-13 Moth in a Web
F F-1 Big Top F-2 Kaleidoscope F-3 Snowball F-4 Old Windmill F-5 Parcheesi F-6 Deanie's Daisies F-7 Star Struck F-8 Church Window F-9 Autumn Aster F-10 Potholder F-11 On Target F-12 Starburst F-13Tour de France
G G-1 Hattie's Hen House G-2 Mohawk Trail G-3 Four Leaf Clover G-4 Shutter Bug G-5 Poof G-6 Papa's Star G-7 Indianapolis G-8 Justin's Comet G-9 Mary's Journey G-10 Woven Meadow G-11 Decisions,Decisions G-12 Gloriae G-13 Molly's Muffins
H H-1 Peek-a-boo H-2 Jacob Anthony H-3 Berry Baskets H-4 Abby's Eyes H-5 Michael's Motorcycle H-6 Pie Sale H-7 Bennington Star H-8 Eaton's Crossroads H-9 Snowflake Melt H-10 Ben's Bowtie H-11 Piercing Rays H-12Hannah Lou's Hearts H-13 Farm Fields
I I-1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding I-2 Kaye's Courtyard I-3 Family Album I-4 Stability I-5 Maria's Majesty I-6 Viewer's Choice I-7 Mac and Muff I-8 Pete's Paintbox I-9 Chase A Myth I-10 Iris' Medallion I-11 Coyote Chase I-12 Fred's Square Fair I-13 Sweet Harmony
J J-1 Josepha's Jonquil J-2 Picture Perfect J-3 Rock's Volleyball Net J-4 Adelaine's Apron Strings J-5 John Jacob's Windmill J-6 Granny Weaver J-7 Chicken Tracks J-8 Anna's Anchor J-9 Maury High School J-10 Chieko's Calla Lily J-11 Twin Sister J-12 Rebecca's Basket J-13 Pam's Bells
K K-3 Seven Sisters K-4 Thea's Turn K-5 Passing Through K-6 Ann's Folly K-7 Rose of Sharing K-9 Scout's Honor K-11 Columbine K-12 Doris's Dilemma K-13 Brandon's Star
L L-1 Widow's Pane L-4 St.George's Cross L-7 Town Square L-8 Box Kite L-13 Harvest Moon
M M-1 Dogwood Days M-2 Duff's Bluff M-5 Mother's Point M-7 Junko's Rose Garden M-9 Fan Dance M-10 Simple Simon M-12 Hopscotch M-13 Lynette's Diamond
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Dear Jane
The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patternsfrom the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt
by Brenda Manges Papadakis

since 2003.8.22