Thinking using ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) to

gender identity disorder(GID)


                   Mami Tanno


From ancient times, a man and a woman exist and

The human left posterity and has prospered with the sex and an artificial method,
people who cannot go into the cycle are distress,

And they have been oppressed.
Since the role of the sex asked also for GID from the surroundings by one of them is different,
not a little, things are seemed
 to have suffered troubles in everyday.
Then, I write this
 time  for

those  who think that he wants to have a family moreover from now on in the state where it is not in agreement by both a sex inclination and sex acknowledgement
Moreover, in the contents.

it is a proposal using ART of GID

Please understand beforehand that it is not leading to manufacture of a clone.


Now,including the person who did SRS
Sex Reassignment Surgery.
,those who want to have hereditary relation are considered to be not a little.


If  SRS is undergone, today the reproductive method of needing with the ovum freeze
the sperm freeze  and body cell considered till before will become irreversible.

However, if there is sense of incongruity even in its  own sperm and ovum, no meaning will have freeze preservation of  today’s ART, but SRS equipped with the generative function will serve as a first choice in the near future.

First, let's turn round from the history of  GID.


In Japan dividing GID greatly. Two types exist.

The generation whose family system was severe, and the generation who is in character with themselves and has lived have big distance.


The generation whose family system was severe also ignored there reproduction physical disorder, and a child making-attack was delivered and I understands it as the merciless thing by which the problem of child-less requirements was tackled till these days.

However, thing is seemed to increasing.the generation who is in character with themselves actually .

It is considered to be a very significant thing to apply
Assisted Reproductive Technologies(ART)

. The flow chart was carried below,

Roughly dividing GID from a view
 point of reproduction.

It seems that it is classified into the following six.


1. Generation whose Family System was Severe. (Its reproduction physical disorder was also disregarded, a merciless child making-attack was delivered, and the problem of child-less requirements was tackled till these days)


2. Generation Who is in character with themselves and they have Lived

. SRS Which Carried Out Sex Conformity Also the Productive Cell (There is Nothing to the Present Concept)


              3.. Present SRS (Posterity Cannot be Expected Only by Present Method)


4.. Freeze Preservation (Unsuitable, when it is Physical Disorder Even to Its Sperm and Ovum) Etc.


5. Sperm Bank by Third Party

6.How to use a surrogate mother etc.





However, if there is sense of incongruity even in its  own sperm and ovum, no meaning will have freeze preservation of  today’s ART, but SRS equipped with the generative function will serve as a first choice in the future



Moreover, the problem of the reproduction serves as a important point.

There are also GID which cannot be broken into SRS.



The iPS cell (artificial pluripotency stem cell) is discovered by Professorial
Shinya Yamanaka of the present Kyoto University reproduction medical research center

and it is since.

A body cell shows that various organizations can do it,

And it is since there is also no immune rejection,

A possibility that it could use also for a productive cell came out. Here

Carry out sex conformity not only of appearance but the generative function by SRS operation, and carry out reproduction transplant surgery.

Leaving a gene with a partner

I think that it will be fortunately connected for GID which does not have a child actually.

Figure 3ipS



Fig. 4 Mats's experiment

It is checked by doctor Brannstrom Mats of the GOEN university obstetrics and gynecology of February, 2006 Sweden to childbirth by the womb transplant of HITSUJI etc.

Since this has the size of the womb almost equal to humans, it is expected that this womb transplant will be applied to humans.


Moreover, although a lower photograph is a womb transplant with a mouse, it leaves the womb as it is as control, and the one more wombs are transplanted from the donor. Vascular anastomosis of the transplant is carried out by end to side, a blastocyst is further transplanted to both of wombs, and pregnancy and childbirth are checked. A difference does not have a pregnancy rate, either and produced baby has become the same usual weight as a case and a usual growth orbit.



It is like the interesting knowledge found at this time being the following.

It is - whose expiration date for use was 48 hours although the womb saved with UW (University o f Wisconsin) solution for 24 hours functioned satisfactorily.

The neck of the womb was first left behind within the abdominal cavity, and even if weight and a growth curve compared with the usual thing the child born by the method of carrying out vascular anastomosis of a main artery and the large vein, there was no change. however

The pregnancy rate was low.

Then, it is improved,

The method of exposing on the skin was taken and the neck of the womb was transplanted to the blood vessel of an external ilium.

When done so, the pregnancy rate improved, but pregnancy speed was not affected.

The organization of the human womb resisted at least with UW liquid and PERUFADEKKUSU liquid for 6 hours.

(Uterine transplantation  Brannstrom Mats Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology magazine 58 volume 2 No. P363-364)

For a big animal like a pig

It turned out that anastomosis of a vein is difficult,

 (Uterine transplantation  Brannstrom Mats made-in-Japan gynecology meeting magazine 57 volume 2 No. P831)


. It seems that the pregnancy rate of the heterotopia which the skin is made to externalize was better than right position which leaves the cervix of uterus in the abdominal cavity in the transplanted womb.



If it collects, this womb transplant is carried out, and if a blastocyst with the partner who created from the previous iPS cell is transplanted, I will think that a pregnancy delivery is advanced also to the human of GID.

However, the productive cell using the November, 2008 iPS cell in Japan

Although the experiments of production were admitted, making a fertilized ovum from a sperm or an ovum is forbidden succeedingly.

Please give [ that the fertilized ovum of a person concerned and a partner can also be admitted immediately, and ] me not hope but relief.



It is thought whether the delivery by the womb transplant by humans will be performed in somewhere in the worlds in the near future. ART (reproduction auxiliary medical treatment) is applied to the human of future GID, and it can leave a gene with a partner, and wishes earnestly that the time blessed also from its family or a partner's family comes.



It cannot but make, if there is no way.