July 19.  ITV  勝訴判決後ITVの番組に出演インタビュアーに答えるサ-・クリフ
     Sir Cliff Richard has told ITV News if heads were to roll at the BBC "it would be deserved" after the 77-year-old singer won his privacy case against the corporation.Speaking to Julie Etchingham almost four years after the BBC broadcast helicopter images of his home being searched by police, Sir Cliff said: "They [senior managers] have to carry the can. I don't know how they are going to do it, but they'll have to. If heads roll then maybe it's because it was deserved...It's too big a decision to be made badly. It was nonsense."Today Sir Cliff was awarded more than £200,000 in damages at the High Court. He had taken legal action against BBC bosses over broadcasts of a South Yorkshire Police raid on his home in Sunningdale, Berkshire, in August 2014, following a child sex assault allegation.During the hearing Sir Cliff told the judge that coverage, which involved the use of a helicopter, was a "very serious invasion" of his privacy.The BBC disputed his claims and senior editors said the coverage was accurate and in good faith.
 July.19  Daily Mail  勝訴判決後、サ-・クリフの弁護士の会見の模様です。高等裁判所前にて
    Sir Cliff took legal action against the BBC over the live broadcast of a South Yorkshire Police raid on his home in Sunningdale, Berkshire (right), in August 2014, following a child sex assault allegation. Announcing his ruling today, High Court judge Mr Justice Mann said the BBC had infringed the star's privacy rights in a 'serious and sensationalist way'. The veteran popstar - who was previously given £400,000 by the police in an out-of-court settlement last year - was today awarded £210,000 damages, which is set to rise at a later date. A teary Sir Cliff (left) hugged friends after the judge gave his decision and told reporters he was 'choked up', adding: 'I can't believe it. It's wonderful news.' 
 July.19  朝日新聞

クリフ・リチャード氏、BBCに勝訴 家宅捜索報道巡り

 March.31  The Portugal News  Cliff Richard Fans flock around globe for annual "singalong and signing"
     先週、世界各地から数多くのクリフ・リチャードファンがAlgarveに集まり、伝説の歌手が5月に毎年開催する「Singalong&Signing」に参加しました。彼のワイナリーであるAdega do Cantor。

今年はアルブフェイラ市長、ホセ・カルロス・ローロ(Albufeira Mayor)も参加しました。ホセ・カルロス・ローロは、リビング・ドールのヒットメーカーと会い、Albufeiraを国際地図に載せることの重要性を強調しました。
アルブフェイラ評議会の声明では、「アルブフェイラは世界で最も美しいビーチ、と素晴らしい料理法 ""。
クリフ卿はまた、アルブフェイラで、キンタ・モイーニョの不動産にブドウ畑を植える夢を実現しました。これはVida Novaワインが生産される場所で、その生産には個人的な関わりがあります。
March.19   Gerry Anderson  Thunderbirds Are Go Cliff Richard & The Shadows Test Footage
Five decades on since the Supermarionation shows were made it seems extraordinary that items of interest keep turning up. Over the last few years we’ve seen a stream of everything from puppets, models, unseen photographs and even bits of footage surface – all of which gives us a fascinating insight into the work done during those pioneering days.

Archive material hidden away

One unusual piece that was uncovered last year was this test recording made in 1966 at an ATV television studio. Found in the collection of a retired cameraman, the footage which was identified on the soundtrack as ‘A.P. Films test recording’ turned out to be something very interesting indeed. The owner surmised that the film was a recording of a Thunderbirds pop promo, but when we saw the film (and recognised the unmistakeable voice of Gerry Anderson) we knew immediately its significance.

The footage features five takes of Cliff Richard and the Shadows miming to a recording of Shooting Star, the song which they recorded for their puppet counterparts to perform to in the dream sequence of Thunderbirds Are Go. The first take features a shot of the whole group, whilst subsequent takes focus on individual members of The Shadows (Brian Bennett, John Rostill, Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch). Whilst we have no concrete evidence about the film’s intended use, given that certain movements (noticeably the simple side to side dance) were replicated by the marionettes in the film, it seems likely that this 16 minute recording was made for the puppeteers to study the performances of the individual musicians.

    How can I see the footage in full?
The footage was released in its entirety on the recent American blu-ray release by Twilight Time of Thunderbirds Are Goand will be included on Filmed in Supermarionation, Network Distributing’s forthcoming documentary release.
Thanks to Chris Perry and Kaleidoscope for tracking down and saving the footage which is now part of Anderson Entertainment’s Gerry Anderson Archive.
 April.11  Smooth.Radio Cliff Richard surprises passengers by casually riding the Tube in London 
    A handful of Londoners were given a surprise on the London Underground last night, when Sir Cliff Richard casually appeared. 


The 77-year-old pop legend sat on a packed London Underground on the Jubilee Line on Tuesday evening (April 10).

Passengers said that most people didn't appear to notice him, as the majority of the travellers were "pretty young".

Cliff apparently got on at Green Park, and off at North Greenwich where he got into a waiting car.

One passenger said: "I got on and sat opposite and I wasn't completely sure it was him until he spoke to a man he was with - a tall pleasant American bloke.


"He seemed relaxed, sleepy and maybe a little tipsy. He was pretty cool with just being on the Tube, not jumpy like someone who wasn't used to taking it.

"Nobody noticed him at all, everyone on the carriage was pretty young though so I guess that's why he's comfortable taking public transport.

"He got off at North Greenwich and went to the car pick up area."

It goes to show, if you bury yourself too deeply into your phone, you never know who or what you might be missing out on seeing!

 March. 23  Barks エリザベス英女王、戴冠60周年記念公演でクリフ・リチャードをご指名 
クリフとゲーリー・バーロウ バルバドスのクリフ邸にて
     2012年、エリザベス女王の戴冠60周年を記念しロンドンで開催された<The Diamond Jubilee Concert>にはポール・マッカートニー、エルトン・ジョン、スティーヴィー・ワンダー、クリフ・リチャード、シャーリー・バッシー、トム・ジョーンズ、アニー・レノックス、エド・シーラン、カイリー・ミノーグ、ウィル・アイ・アム、ロビー・ウィリアムスら、そうそうたる面々が出演したが、エリザベス女王が唯一リクエストしたのがクリフ・リチャードだったそうだ。
コンサートを監修したテイク・ザットのゲイリー・バーロウは、ポッドキャスト『The Dan Wootton Interview』のインタビューで、「どんなコンサートにしたいか、女王にお伺いしなくてはならなかった。そして、彼女がリクエストした唯一のアーティストがクリフ・リチャードだった」と明かした。
<The Diamond Jubilee Concert>は2012年6月4日、バッキンガム宮殿前の通りザ・マルで4時間近くに渡り開かれ、その模様はBBCから生放送された。
 Feb.23.2018 Dayly Mail Olivia Newton-john Reunites with Cliff Richard

They're the showbusiness legends who have been friends for over 40 years. 

And so it was no wonder Olivia Newton-John, 69, and Sir Cliff Richard, 77, were thrilled to spend time catching up this week.

Taking to Instagram to document the reunion on Friday, youthful-looking Olivia shared a photo of the pair beaming arm-in-arm, with the caption: 'Caught up with my dear wonderful friend @cliffrichard. My inspiration as a young perfomer in England"

'My inspiration!' Olivia Newton-John, 69, looked youthful as she shared a heartwarming moment with long-term friend Cliff Richard on Friday 
    'Brilliant singer and entertainer- gorgeous voice,' she added.
The pairs most famous duet took place in 1980 when they sang Suddenly, asong from the soundtrack Xanadu.

Since beginning his career in 1958, Sir Cliff has sold more than 250 million records worldwide, and is the third-top-selling singles artist in UK Chart history, behind the Beatles and Elvis Presley

Meanwhile, fans of Olivia have been buzzing amid news that she and John Travolta are planning a secret Grease reunion to mark the film's 40th birthday.

Speaking to The Mirror this week, John gushed about the secret project, saying: 'Oh we have got big plans this year!

'But I can't announce them yet. I'm a couple of weeks away from it so stand by, but I could cry when I think about it! You are going to love it.'

The Mirror has also reported that John and Olivia will reprise their iconic roles of Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsson for a special performance around the day Grease was released in 1978. 

While John and Olivia have enjoyed a handful of reunion shows in the past, this year's performance is said to take the legacy of Grease to a new level.

Back again! While John and Olivia have enjoyed a handful of reunion shows in the past, this year's performance is said to take the legacy of Grease to a new

It comes as Olivia battles breast cancer for a second time, after beating the disease in 1992

 Feb.3 2018  Soul Tracks  First Listen: Lamont Dozier unplugs to cover his classic Four Tops composition
      クリフリチャードの"The Soulicious Tour"に帯同していたモータウンサウンドの重鎮Lamont Dozierがニューアルバムのリリースを発表した。そのアルバムにはクリフも参加と発表された。またUKツアーも発表されLondonでのコンサートでのクリフのゲスト出演もあるかもしれません。過去にはThe Pianoguysのコンサートにゲスト出演したことも......

Lamont Dozier is the kind of artist whom folks discuss in hushed tones. One-third of one of the greatest songwriting and production teams ever, he is responsible for dozens of now classic songs from artists like The Supremes, The Four Tops and so many other acts of the 60s and 70s.

Dozier also has enjoyed a long solo singing career, with such tremendous songs as “Trying To Hold On To My Woman.” The legendary music man is readying Reimagination, a new album of acoustic re-interpretations of some of his most famed compositions, set to be released in early Spring. The record, which includes cameo appearances from many industry notables such as Gregory Porter, Sir Cliff Richard, Graham Nash, Todd Rundgren, Rumer and more, is followed, in June, by a first ever solo UK tour for this legendary figure from the world of Motown. The tour will be an evening of unplugged acoustic backing to Lamont’s own versions of these
iconic songs with music direction by bandleader/producer Fred Mollin.

Lamont on the album: “It's a brilliant idea that (producer) Fred Mollin came up with to reclaim these songs in this fashion and we're just having a ball with it. I'm sure Motown fans will dig the new interpretations just as much as we all are here.”

Lamont gives a sneak peek of the upcoming album with a tender, piano-led duet of one of his most famous compositions, “Reach Out, I’ll Be There,” originally an iconic song by Levi Stubbs and The Four Tops. His duet partner on the song, Jo Harman, describes the resulting song: “For me, two major pillars of modern music are
The Beatles and Motown. To play even a small part in this, well, historic record is genuinely mind blowing for me. It's such a total honour to be involved.”

Check out this very different version of a classic, and tell us what you think


 Feb.2 2018 music week       
            【クリフリチャード SONY MUSIC UK から Warner Music に移籍か】

'He can absolutely be a streaming artist': Warner Music Entertainment signs Cliff Richard for 60th anniversary


Cliff Richard has returned to Warner Music and is set to mark his 60th anniversary in the music business with an album later this year.

As revealed in the latest issue of Music Week, East West has gathered its mainstream entertainment artists in one place with a new imprint, Warner Music Entertainment.

Richard, who released his last studio album via Sony Music, has returned to Warner Music for his diamond anniversary. He’s also lined up a UK tour for September and October, including a date at the Royal Albert Hall.

“The nice thing about this relaunch of East West is we’re actually simultaneously ring-fencing the entertainment side of our business into Warner Music Entertainment,” said Dan Chalmers, president of East West Records UK, Rhino and ADA. “So this is a bespoke shop window for brilliant talent like Sheridan Smith, we’ve got the new Boyzone record to look forward to with fantastic songs, Cliff’s new album, and the continued roster of Bette Midler and Alexander Armstrong.”

Richard’s catalogue and compilations are released through Warner’s Rhino, including last November’s Stronger Thru The Years. The Sony Music 2016 studio album release, Just Fabulous Rock ‘N’ Roll, has sales to date of 138,318 according to the Official Charts Company.

While sales skewed heavily to physical, East West GM Angie Somerside is confident that Richard can become a successful streaming artist.

“In line with how the market grows and the older demographic that embraces streaming, I think absolutely [he can],” she told Music Week.

Chalmers added: “With the growth of smart speakers that lean more to an older demographic, absolutely these legendary brands will have space in the streaming market, it might just take a little bit longer but it’s very clear where the market is going to go.”

Boyzone are also set for a big anniversary release later this year.

“It’s their 25th anniversary, they’ve got an arena tour, they’re keen to mark this in a big way,” said Chalmers. “We’re excited about the rollout, it’s going to be one of the showpiece records for Warner Music Entertainment at the end of the year.”

 metro Cliff Richard songs to feature in a feel good musical Summer Holiday heading in a UK tour in 2018 


A feel-good musical featuring Cliff Richard’s biggest hits is about to embark on a giant UK tour. Summer Holiday, the musical, is based on the iconic 1960s movie of the same name, which documented the life of some London Transport mechanics who fled the capital in a red bus to travel around Europe.

En route they meet a girl group, and a young American pop star who finds solace in the high-spirited travellers as she flees the grips of her life back home, and joins them on their journey. The mechanics and musicians take a musical journey through Europe’s most famous capitals, including Paris, the Alps, Italy and Greece.

The musical includes famous Cliff number ones from the 1960s, as well as some more modern hits. Songs include In the Country, Summer Holiday, Travellin’ Light, Bachelor Boy, Move It, Living Doll, The Young Ones and On the Beach.

                 Summer Holiday UK Tour 2018

Tuesday 8 – Saturday 12 May                                            Liverpool Empire
May 15 – May 19                                                         Milton Keynes Theatre
May 22 – May 26                                                         New Victoria Theatre Woking 
May 29 – June 2                                                    York Theatre Royal 
June 5 – June 9                                                            Churchill Theatre, Bromley 
June 12 – June 16                                              New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 
June 19 – June 23                                            Edinburgh Playhouse 
June 26 – June 30                                             Theatre Royal, Plymouth 
July 17 – July 21                                                      Theatre Royal, Brighton 
July 24 – July 28                                                   Blackpool Winter Gardens
July 30 July – August 4                                         Leeds Grand Theatre 
 August 22 – August 27                                                  Cliffs Pavilion, Southend 
September 4 – September 8                                           Orchard Theatre, Dartford 
September 11 – September 15                                  Chester Storyhouse
September 18 – September 22                                      New Wimbledon Theatre 
September 25 – September 29                  Darlington Hippodrome
October 2 – October 6                                                Regent Theatre, Stoke
Tuesday 23 – Saturday 27 October                                  Aylesbury Waterside Theatre
October 30 – November 3                          Kings Theatre, Glasgow

               Summer Holiday tickets for all dates are on sale now.

 metro  oct.30 2017  

Fans brave frost for Cliff Richards


FANS camped out overnight in frosty conditions to buy tickets to see Cliff Richard.

The dedicated bunch, mostly women in their 50s and 60s, braved the chill at the weekend to be among the first to get their hands on tickets for the Bournemouth show, which isn’t for another year. All the online tickets had sold out.

Sonia Swierzbinski denied they were mad. She said: ‘We just appreciate a very good-looking chap with a beautiful physique, who can sing as well.’

 oct.20  Gaztte Live  Sir Cliff Richard will play in the north-east next year

He’s the man with 103 albums to his name and 123 hit singles - and now he’s coming to the North-east.

Sir Cliff Richard is celebrating 60 years in the music business during which time he has spent the equivalent of 20 years in the UK charts.

Now he has announced that he will be touring the UK and Ireland again in 2018. He will play Newcastle City Hall on Thursday October 4 next year.

He said: “I am so happy to announce that I will be doing a tour to celebrate my 60th Anniversary in the music business.

“I cannot believe it is already 10 years since my 50th Anniversary in 2008 – so much has happened.

“I am truly delighted to be performing the 58-18=60 Tour, in September and October 2018 in a series of concert hall venues. I hope you will join me. I simply can’t wait! – see you next year!”

BC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce said: “To sustain any career for 60 years is amazing. To do it in the field of music is rare indeed and Cliff has achieved it with style and quality throughout.”

 Nov.2 2017  Maxazine  Cliff Richard Brengt "Storonger Thru The Year' Uit
     Cliff Richard is ongetwijfeld de grootste ‘hit-maker’ van Groot-Brittannië. Geen andere solo artiest of Britse band komt dicht bij zijn 123 gescoorde hit singles of heeft zich, zoals Cliff Richard, staande gehouden in de Britse charts voor meer dan twintig jaar! De zanger/acteur is actief sinds 1958 en stond in 2008 alweer vijftig jaar op het podium.

Op 10 november komt ‘Stronger Thru The Years’ uit. Deze nieuwe 2CD en digitale collectie bevat een selectie van de beste nummers over de liefde geselecteerd uit Cliff Richard zijn glansrijke carrière.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Op de nummers ‘The Next Time’, ‘Living Doll’, ‘Fall In Love With You’, ‘I Love You’, ‘The Young Ones’, ‘Don’t Talk To him’, ‘I Could Easily Fall’ (In Love With You) en ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ is Cliff Richard te horen met zijn begeleidingsband The Shadows. Deze groep heette eerst The Drifters, maar omdat er in de VS al een band bestond met die naam werd dat The Shadows. Het was tot 1969 zijn vaste begeleidingsgroep. De hoogtepunten uit Cliff Richard’s carrière zijn teveel om te noemen, maar indrukwekkend is het zeker… nou eentje dan nog, er gingen van de man meer dan 260 miljoen platen over de toonbank!

 Oct.17 2017  Premier Sir Cliff Richard Unveils New Tour 

Sir Cliff Richard has announced a new month-long tour of northern Europe to celebrate 60 years in the music industry next year.

The Christian entertainer will stage shows at venues including London's Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and the SSE Arena in Belfast during his '58-18=60' tour.

Addressing his fans, the 77-year-old said: "I am so happy to announce that I will be doing a tour to celebrate my 60th anniversary in the music business.

"I cannot believe it is already ten years since my 50th anniversary in 2008 - so much has happened, and I'm very grateful that you have kept me busy!"

Sir Cliff will also perform before fans in Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bournemouth, Brighton and Birmingham between 27th September and 26th October 2018.

Further afield, he also has performance planned for the 3 Arena in Dublin and the Copenhagen Operaen in Denmark's capital city.

With more than 100 album releases, 123 single hits and the equivalent of 20 years spent in the UK charts to his name, Sir Cliff has been dubbed Britain's 'Ultimate Pop Star'.

Aug. 16 2017    Rock History Note

Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman” becomes his biggest hit

     The week of Aug. 14, 1976 saw veteran singer Cliff Richard enter the U.S. pop charts with the biggest hit of his career, “Devil Woman.” The song is remarkable not only for its chart-topping popularity, but for the style departure it represented for the British singer.

Cliff Richard and 1970s rock

Before “Devil Woman,” Cliff Richard probably had more in common with Neil Sedaka and Buddy Holly. His songs were typical love interest-oriented tunes popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Richard’s voice even sounded different–his earlier records found him sounding like a fresh-faced young man. With “Devil Woman,” his voice is a bit lower, edgier, and the song’s content is darker than his previous efforts.

The rock styles of 1976 ranged from Rush’s progressive rock that lent itself to concept albums like “2112,” to the country-tinged, heavy guitar riff sound of the Eagles, and blues-based heavy metal by Deep Purple and others. None of these styles would seem to have anything to do with Richard’s music. Except, “Devil Woman” fits in. The searing guitar, moody piano, and thumpy, pliable drums, create a danceable line that might make listeners forget it’s a song about getting cursed.

Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman”

Naively, I thought that if “Devil Woman” charted at all, it would have been around Halloween. Of course, at least in some Midwestern states, that is when the song gets the most airplay. Instead, “Devil Woman” reached its peak chart position in the U.S. during the week of Aug. 14, 1976. It reached number 5. The song stayed on the U.S. charts all year, eventually dropping to number 55 at the end of 1976.

“Devil Woman” can be found on Richard’s “I’m Nearly Famous Album,” that was released April 1976. The joke of the album’s title is that Richard had enjoyed an almost 20-year career at that point. Recorded at famous Abbey Road Studios, the song is kept relevant by the numbers of bands (famous and not so), that cover it regularly.

“Devil Woman” can also be found on Richard’s “40 Greatest Hits” album. A collection of his singles that charted worldwide. The album was released in 1977.

There is something spooky about the song aside from its title. The opening strains are a persistent piano motif accompanied by well-placed drum kicks. When the song is to kick into gear, a drumbeat that sounds like a slamming door, pounds. Richard’s vocals are underscored by backup singers producing “oohs.” The bass and guitar are moody and produce a nice groove. The tension is built when the guitar shoots into the lead, or soars into a solo.

The song is narrated by a man who thinks he’s been cursed by a black cat that crossed his path. He goes to a gypsy, who reads his palm, and he is entranced by her big, green eyes and long, black hair. He realizes that she was the one who cursed him in the first place. The lyrics are simple enough; the instrumentation adds depth and texture. This song is not like Richard’s other hits. There is nothing here that can be sung with any level of innocence. “Devil Woman” is a cautionary tale.

  Oct.24 2014 Mirror Cliff Richard delighted to be back in studio recording 101st album    

Sir Cliff Richard looks happy to be back in a recording studio two months after he was quizzed on sexual assault allegations.

The singer has kept a low profile since he was questioned over a claim he abused a 15-year-old boy at a Billy Graham religious event in 1985.

Dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, a relaxed Sir Cliff spent a week at The Parlour recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee, recording his 101st album.


A source said: “He is just happy to be back where he belongs.”

Sir Cliff has also announced a tour next year to celebrate his 75th birthday.

The Young Ones singer has been staying at his holiday home on the Algarve in Portugal after voluntarily being quizzed by detectives.

He denies any wrongdoing and says he has no idea who made the claim.


MPs last week branded South Yorkshire Police “utterly inept” for tipping off the BBC about the raid on the star’s £3million home in Sunningdale, Berks.

They said it resulted in ­“irreparable damage” to the singer’s reputation.

A source close to Sir Cliff said he felt violated by the search and cannot bear to return to his house in Britain.